CAMP CAVELL has a long history of serving it’s community. We are proud to say that our participants say over and over again that "Camp is looking better then ever!". Their involvement in our evaluation process has helped us plan for the future.

They embraced us (115 women) with love and gratitude. This place is one of those tiny treasures you stumble upon once in a life time. Thank you for all you do. See you next year. Very clean and the view from the dining hall is memorizing...Tammie Laboda 2017

I've been coming to Camp since 1984 when I was 7 years old. I did Equestrian Camp, Halloween Camp, Me and My Mom Weekend, Volunteer Work Weekends, basically everything I could. When I was 14 my mom spent two Summers as Camp Medic and I was able to stay up with her volunteering at the horse stables until I was able to get hired in. Then I spent the next three years working at the stables and living in a cabin with Book(another family at Halloween Weekend) while she did her CIT thing. When I talk about Camp I tell people it's the Camp I grew up at. I love being able to share this amazing place with my family. It's nice to have somewhere fun to get my son off of his life support machine(by that I mean his computer and video games). I'm having a blast introducing my boyfriend's 9-year old daughter to Camp. - Pony, 2015

Camp Cavell is more than just a summer time of fun, laughter, outdoors, music, campfires, petting zoo and great food, it is a place where life long friendships are made. - Julie, 2011

Camp Cavell is my home away from home. The camp is a relaxing escape from the ails of day to day life. I always feel refreshed when I go there, and I'm always heartbroken to have to leave...the view of the water, the tranquility of the beach, and the beauty of the starry sky is incomparable... - Leslie, 2011

After my first time going to Camp Cavell, I fell in love with the place. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I'm a teenage high school student and it gives me a chance to get away and be a kid again. Not only does Camp Cavell have a wonderful atmosphere, but I love going to sleep to the star lite sky and waking up to the sound of the waving water. - Bree, 2011

We spent many days at Camp Cavell this summer with our recreation group and ALL of our kids (including us chaperones) LOVED IT!!! The staff is wonderful, the camp is a great way for the kids to try all sorts of new and exciting things. Looking forward to many more visits!!! THANK YOU CAMP CAVELL - Ronda, 2011

Awesome scenery, fun activities, natural beauty everywhere! Mulatress, 2011

"...Thank you for your help and caring... Thank you for all the little extras..." - MDA

"...The site is conducive to a variety of activities... The food and location keep us coming back." - Emerson Elementary School

I went to a camp called ywca camp cavell when i was in the 5th grade with my school i had fun there. - Brittani Baloga

Just got home from women's weekend. had a great time. can't wait until the next one in August. - Maryann Lenhart Campbell

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for doing such a wonderful job year after year... - Margot Stallard

Camp Cavell was a very important part of my daughters' growing up years. - Kaye Scott

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