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Images of Camp Norcom, Camp Talahi, and Grace Cottages, all sites that were operated in the past by the YWCA of Metro Detroit.

Many of the pictures give us a wonderful peek into camp life over the years.

Exercise and health were stressed.
Here we get a peek at the Wigwam at Camp Cavell. This building burnt down and now all that is left is a fireplace standing in the woods on the trail to the horses.
Little was know about Camp Talahi which was owned in the 1920's-1930's by the YWCA and is now owned by a different organization and is still in operation.

Camp uniforms worn on Sunday and special occasions help to identify the era or year.

Now campers get a Camp T-Shirt to wear on the last day of Camp.

What a treasure we
have found!

The YWCA operated several
camps over the years.

Click on the Camps to
see more pictures:

Camp Norcom
for Colored Girls

Camp Talahi
for Business &
Industrial Girls

Grace Cottages

Camp Cavell


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Photographs are the property of Camp Cavell
or Burton Historical Library.


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