The History of
YWCA Camp Cavell

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camping that began in 1914...
We are having a Wonderful Time comparing old to new!
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r Girls' Pyramid
on Brookside

1961 & 2005

Main Lodge

1928 & 2011

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Turkey Dinner
Camp's Kitchen

1941 & 2010


A Sample of our
Historical Pictures...

These images were donated to the Burton Historical Library by the YWCA in the 1970's.

We would like to thank the library for their diligent work over the past 6 months categorizing and processing the collection.

They have invited us to scan and record the information. So far we have scanned and photocopied 350 pictures and hope to continue with the help of volunteers and staff.

r Our pictures span from 1919 to 2004! The YWCA used professional photographers from the 20's through the 60's. There are many more group photos waiting to be scanned!
The resolution of the photos are excellent and we can zoom in and see even more detail then you can observe in the real picture!

(below picture...a zoom in picture of the bus where the campers are looking out the window)

There are over a 1,500 pictures in the collection and we have others here at camp!

If you can help identify era's, years, people or locations we would love to hear from you...Click Here
1941 Counselors
Don't forget the Camp's Alumni Dogs!
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