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Located on Beautiful Lake Huron in the Thumb area of Michigan!

Camp Cavell operates three seasons out of the year. We are owned and operated by the Camp Cavell Conservancy, but serve people from all areas and from many different cultural, social, economic backgrounds. Our camp is 100 years old. We employ people to work in our kitchen, stables, waterfront, health center, housekeeping, program areas, and counseling.

We run a children’s summer overnight camp where children stay for a week at a time, and the counseling staff who work with them live at camp from late June to mid August. We also run a summer day camp for kids in the local area and the staff work Monday – Friday, 7 to 3 or 9 – 5. A major part of our work is with community groups whom we help to operate weekend or week long camps on our site such as Muscular Dystrophy Camp, girl scouts, churches, band groups and more.
We have two staff members in the winter and increase to 45 staff members in the summer. In the spring and fall we work when community groups use our camp, which could be weekdays or weekends, and be only two to four days a week. By the month of May we work pretty well 40 hours a week and by summer we work six days a week, in the fall we slowly go back to part time by October.

Staff must be at least 18 years of age to work with children. If you are younger then 18 we have non-paying leadership in training positions in which you receive training and do volunteer service. There may be a charge for the training depending on which areas we need help in. Read over the CIT/EIT/LIT information.

Because we are licensed by the State of Michigan and Accredited by the American Camp Association we have to follow laws and rules specific to children’s camps. You may have to hold certification to take a position at camp.
Everyone who works on site must have a background check. We cannot smoke in front of the campers, and must present good role models for children.
Job Positions
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Kitchen – Must have some experience in food prep (willing to train the right person) We work in morning and afternoon shifts with the morning starting according to the time and type of breakfast, but normally about 6:00. The afternoon shift tends to be from 1:00 to 9:00 but we may work later if we have had a large meal. We cook for 250 people a day in the summer. Looking for people who can work together as a team, take direction well, have positive customer relations, and adhere to health regulations. Supervisors:
ServSafe Training Opportunity

Equestrian – We need English Riding Instructors and a Director who can work 9 – 5 on average during the week and sometimes on the weekends. We teach classes in all levels from basic horse care to jumping. Looking for people with patience, enthusiasm, an eye for safety, and riding skills.

Waterfront – Looking for people to work as Lifeguards and teach swimming and boating. Must be able to complete lifeguard course (including swim formal strokes 25 laps, dive for body 12 feet underwater). Must be able to enforce rules while helping kids to learn and have fun. We also teach kayaking

Program Instructors – Need person to teach woodshop, nature, science, archery, crafts, orienteering, climbing, and other camp activities. We work in the spring and fall part time when groups request we teach classes as part of their program. We work full time during the summer.
Day Camp Counselors – Work with kids from the local area 8:00 – 6:00 each weekday. Mid-June to end of Aug. Must be 18. Patience, maturity, good role model, and enjoy having fun.
International Counselors – We do invite International Counselors to join our Girls' Summer Camp Staff. Although, International Counselors first need to contact a "camp counselor placement service"

Overnight Counselors – Must be over 18, live on site for 8 weeks in a cabin with 8 – 10 children. Help them in daily living skills, as well as supporting them emotionally, teaching them new skills, and helping them to make friends. Must be enthusiastic, patient, mature, and responsible.
Female counselors needed for 7 weeks / Male counselors needed for 3 weeks. We have Saturday noon to Sunday noon off each week and a couple of hours off a day. Late June to mid August.
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Camp Nurse - Supervise and implement health care for all camp children and staff members. Follow standing orders for immediate care, distributions of medications, and emergency protocols.

Required Skills and Abilities: Hold a current license as a registered nurse (or other equivalent training), have experience with children and young adults, have the ability to originate, update and/or monitor health care, maintain records and implement the camp’s health care plan, and hold current CPR and First Aid certifications.

Housekeeping – Staff needed to clean cabins after a group has departed and to clean some general areas and bathrooms each day. Can be combined with kitchen for more hours. Duties include sweeping, straightening, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms. Some hours are flexible, but will need to work on days a group leaves to get camp ready for the next group. This is usually on the weekends in summer and weekdays in the spring and fall.

Grounds keeping, care of buildings, equipment, and vehicles. This position is usually filled from within our staff.

Located in Lexington, in the Thumb Area of Michigan just
4.5 miles north of Lexington on M-25.

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