CAMP CAVELL is a unique environment set aside from our hectic world. It is not just a place, but rather, "camp" is a philosophy, a way of operating. Within the boundaries of camp, lifetime friendships are formed spanning all cultural, ethnic and social lines. CAMP CAVELL fosters the ideal that individuals from diverse backgrounds can celebrate similarities while learning to appreciate diversity.

We also feel strongly that our entire site should be available to anyone who wishes to join in and are working to find ways to overcome as many barriers as possible, physical and otherwise. We welcome individuals to contact us and work with them to insure an enjoyable experience.

We also feel it is important to address environmental concerns. Campers this year operated a recycling project. Working with the kitchen staff, campers recycle cardboard, glass, tin and plastic, and helped with compost or as we call it "feed the earth". We also try to utilize the natural aspects of the site. Groups are encouraged to leave activities that can be done at home at home and work to creatively use the environment at hand.

Camp Cavell Purpose...
Programs held at CAMP CAVELL provides an opportunity for people of many different experiences to come together, share, grow and develop a better understanding of one another, themselves and their environment.

Camp Cavell Objectives...
To provide programs that focus on providing experiences that address root problems which individuals and communities face today - programs that build self esteem, define values and challenge individuals.

To provide a respite, a chance for children and adults to escape pressures, breathe deeply, walk our beaches and take time to reestablish their relationships and direction.
To facilitate the use of camp by many different social agencies. To acquaint them with the benefits and possibilities of camp programs and assist them in incorporating a camp experience into their overall programming.

To help participants work towards a better understanding of the human role in the natural environment, and to develop a sense of responsibility to conserve and protect it.

To preserve a camp in Eastern Michigan with a Great Lakes environment into the future for everyone to enjoy.
To develop and strengthen CAMP CAVELL’S operation and facilities in order to provide the best possible environment for successful programming and to insure it into the future.

Click Here... to download MORE INFORMATION on who we are and those we serve.

(This PDF file includes Camp Cavell at a Glance, The Groups we Serve, Evaluations Comments, Our goals and Objectives.)
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