Have you already completed a CIT/LIT/EIT Training week?
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Sharpen your leadership skills and volunteer to help in general camp programs or in a specialized program area.

Leadership in Training (LIT)
Grade in Fall: 9th - 10th

Counselor in Training (CIT)
Grade in Fall: 11th-12th

Equestrian in Training (EIT)
Grade in Fall: 9th-12th
Learn Important Skills and be
Part of our Leadership Program!
Do you enjoy working with children? Are you interested in becoming a leader in your community
or working at a summer camp? Have lots of enthusiasm, camp spirit, energy and willingness to help others?

This program is a challenging way to gain self-confidence, learn new skills, and acquire leadership skills while obtaining hands on experience.
Day camp CIT/LIT's come for just the day and help with our Day Camp Staff. They will help assist the counselors with the campers and create/help set-up programs. You will gain new skills working with children to pursue other childcare work in the future.
Overnight CIT/LIT's live together in a cabin for the week. Part of the day they attend sessions in group development, problem solving, communication and teaching skills.
The rest of the time they volunteer at different camp program areas such as Tree Climbing, Counseling, Equestrian, or Waterfront.
Overnight EIT's train and serve as volunteers at the Equestrian Area and come in the morning and work with our Equestrain Staff. In the afternoon they volunteer at different camp program areas such as Counseling, Group Games, or Waterfront.

PLEASE DO NOT apply for the program if you are not focused on learning new skills and helping others.
Overall this is an excellent way to gain important skills that will transfer well to any CAREER you choose.
Our program is set up much like a job interview. First you apply for a LIT/CIT/EIT position. The application process includes submitting references, being interviewed, and being accepted into the program.

Good references from past counselors, teachers or community leaders are REQUIRED.

First time in the program, you must complete one week of LIT/CIT/EIT Training and receive a positive review to be able to volunteer for another week.

** You may receive an extra week for free as a volunteer if you complete the training with a positive review! (Volunteer week cannot be during Coed Weeks)

The dates and fees are available on our Summer Camp Calendar.

We hope to see
you at camp!
Returning CIT/LIT/EIT
(For those who who have completed your LIT/CIT/EIT training week, you may apply to be a volunteer!)

If you have completed and received a positive review during your LIT/CIT/EIT training week you do not have to take the training again.

You can apply as a volunteer LIT/CIT/EIT to help in general or specific program areas such as Equestrian, Waterfront, Tree Climbing, Adventure, or Crafts & Woodshop!

Contact us to talk about volunteer opportunities!
Main Office: 810-359-2267

**Please Note
on your Registration Form if
you are a Returning LIT/CIT/EIT
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