Sample Menu

• Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate are available all of the time.
• Milk or juice is available at every meal. If the milk is not out you can find it inside the kitchen.
• Soy Butter and Jelly is available after the main course is served at all meals as an alternative entree.
• We base our menus on the four food groups so they are healthy and wholesome!
• Vegetarian alternatives are available, but they must be requested when the menu is completed.

The following list represents a variety of meals that are available at Camp Cavell. You are welcome to be creative and provide us with your ideas or recipes. Our cooks will be glad to discuss the details of your menu and accommodate any special requests or dietary needs. A basic meal includes one main dish such as pancakes for breakfast or lasagna for dinner. For an extra entrée’ or extended menu, there is an additional charge.

We serve both buffet and family style. The family style is a sit down meal with one or two volunteers from each table (called hoppers) who bring platters of food to the table. In the buffet style, everyone serves himself or herself.

Kool-aid & Milk (available at all meals),
Pitchers of Water when asked.
Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate are available for adults.


Choose one…

A selection of cold cereals

Hot cereals

French toast / syrup

Pancakes / syrup

Scrambles eggs


Breakfast burritos buffet

Yogurt bar


Bacon, ham or Sausage

Cinnamon rolls or Toast

Fresh fruit


Choose one…

Submarine Sandwiches


Choice of soup with crackers

Egg salad sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Tuna sandwiches

Tuna melts

Tuna noodle casserole

Sloppy Joes

Fish sticks

Chicken sandwiches

Hot dogs (beef or turkey)


French fries, Chips, or

macaroni and cheese

Vegetable tray with dip or

tossed salad or salad bar

Pudding, cookies, or fruit


Choose one…

Taco bar (beef or chicken)


Chicken dinner

Turkey dinner

Lasagna (meat or vegetarian)



Hot dogs

Roast beef

Potato bar

Chicken fajitas



Beef stew

Swedish meatballs

Italian spaghetti


Chicken strips


Garlic bread, Rolls or Biscuits

French fries, Scalloped, Baked or Mashed potatoes & gravy

Selection of vegetable, Corn on the cob, or baked beans

Choose one…



Fruit pies, Pumpkin pie

Strawberry shortcake

Rice crispy treats

Ice cream bars

Cake (white, chocolate, etc.)

Movie Type Popcorn


Extended Menu

We are delighted to be able to offer our rental groups an extended menu at a small additional cost per person per meal. Many groups have requested a fancier fair and we have extended our menus for them. If you would like a second entrée, an extra salad bar or even steak on the grill we can do it, just let us know! The extended menu must be arranged when you complete your menu.
As an example, you may choose to add to your meals:

For breakfast: A yogurt, nut, and fresh fruit bar

For lunch: a salad bar or fresh bread and cheese plate

For dinner: steak on the grill


Dining Hall Procedures

Our Dining Hall Motto!
"Please take all you like, but eat all you take"

Buffet Style: (Takes longer for large groups, but good for groups who are not on time for meals)

Dishes and silverware are on a cart at the front of the buffet line. Each individual returns their own dishes to the kitchen as they finish. (See description below)

Family Style: (Quicker for larger groups and everyone is done at same time and it can give opportunities to promote more conversation, the use of table manners, and cooperation)

» Choose one or two volunteers per table to come 15 minutes before the meal and set the tables. We ask all the other campers to wait outside until mealtime. At summer camp, we call these people hoppers and they take turns each day.

» The "hoppers" are the only people who go into the kitchen and they use the in and out doors so we don’t have collisions!

» If the "hoppers" are children, they each sit near the adult or staff person at their table.

» They only take one of each item from the kitchen to their table i.e. platter of turkey, or pitcher of juice, etc.

» If you run out of something at your table, the hopper first asks how many more of that item people would like and then takes the platter, or bowl etc. into the kitchen and request a refill with that many pieces.

» If the kitchen has run out of an item, there is usually still food available at other tables and they can ask at other tables.

» All good food is returned first before desert or the dirty dishes are taken back.

» As everyone finishes up the hoppers ask if everyone is done with a food item and they take it back into the kitchen careful to keep it in good order.

» They place good food on the kitchen counter, scrape empty serving dishes into the garbage, and put them on the dishwasher counter. In the in door and out the out door.

» Once food is returned, they can bring out desert (if there is one) or start bringing dirty dishes in.

» We handle dirty dish return in a certain way as to not overwhelm the kitchen. An adult at each table takes the responsibility to collect the dishes into piles, scrapping each one as it comes to them. The best way is for them to call for one type of dish at a time i.e. dinner plates first, and ask that people slide them down without stacking them (or they get gooey on the bottom). Scrape them onto one dish, and when done place it on top of the pile. Then send the entire pile back into the kitchen with the "hopper". Then ask for cups, silverware etc.

NOTE: Kitchen staff can send back any "hopper" who is not bringing in dishes properly!

» In the kitchen the hopper is asked to scrape waste into the garbage container, silverware into the gray tub, and dishes into stacks on the counter i.e. dishes with dishes, cups with cups.

» After the table is clear get a rag from the bucket near the in/out doors and wipe the table.

» Once a day have everyone put up chairs and have volunteers sweep the dining room.

Important note! Hot water in coffee machines is very hot.
Our coffee machine can only be operated by an adult!