Community Group Use Activities

Parts of the property have been developed for Activity Programs. The use of some of these areas requires the presence of a Camp Cavell certified instructor which can be arranged through our Main Office.

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WOODSHOP (not heated)

A great place to create a wood project. Projects from last year for the younger children included pencil holders, cutout flowers, and rubber band paddle boats. Projects for the older children and adults included birdhouses, clocks, and jewelry boxes.

Ages: 7 & up

Time Needed:
One and a half hours best.

One large room
Screened windows
Woodworking tools

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YURT (not heated)
Educational & Nature Programs

Use the camp environment to learn
more about our world. We can offer programs that help relate science, reading, writing, math, physical education, and other areas to the natural world we live in. Sessions are always geared toward learning using a fun, hands on approach. With a diverse property that includes the lake shore, open meadows, young and old growth forest, two streams and a turtle pond, we are able to offer a variety of sessions at the same time. One to two hours depending on program choice and fee.

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(not heated)

Our staff is happy to provide creative Arts & Craft activities for your group. We have many projects that can fit any age level, children and adults alike. Some of our most popular projects last year were beach shale necklaces, tetrahedral kites, leather craft, printing, bead animals, dream catchers, and picture frames. You can contact Camp for more projects!

Time Needed:
One hour

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Horseback riding is available from Memorial Day
to Labor Day. We ride English style in a riding ring. Participants who are new to riding can be led until they, the horse, and the staff feel comfortable with their riding experience. We provide riding helmets that must be worn and everyone must follow the camp riding policies. Riders will not be allowed to ride without long pants and sturdy shoes. A sample ride lasts about 10 minutes, but you will be at the equestrian area for 1/2 to 1 hour. Sometimes we have time for actual riding lessons, call to make arrangements.

Our riding schedule fills up quickly
so contact us for availability.

Stables with 10 stalls
Storage barn and feed room
Drinking water
Riding Ring & Corral

Ages: 7 & up

Time Needed:
1/2 to 1 hour

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This activity is an exciting program. Climbers use arborist safety equipment that includes a rope system and harness to work their way up a tree. We climb up
to 35 feet up in our beech trees. Kids get to climb
up to twice their age in feet (12 year old and older can go to the top if they wish). Most beginners spend about 30 minutes actually in the air climbing, but classes run
one hour.

Ages: 7 & up

Time Needed:
One hour
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Our hayride takes you for an enjoyable tour out into
the rural community for a 30-50 minute ride. It can hold up to 25 people and has straw bales to sit on. We ask that you do not throw hay along the way; it gets in the eyes of the people at the back of the wagon. When the wagon returns people who do not like hay fights disembark and then the rest of the gang has a supervised hay fight. Singing is required. A 25 people minimum.

Ages: Open to everyone

Time Needed:
Generally one hour

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Try your hand at Archery! It is offered all season. We provide a trained instructor
who will give basic instruction and a safety
orientation. The archery range is located at the
north end of the dining hall.

Ages: 7 & up
Time Needed: one hour

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Group Initiatives &
Cooperative Activities

These activities are goal orientated and are used to
develop an aspect of group dynamics such as cooperation, team building, communication, problem solving, etc. This activity is open to any age. During the session, the group is first given an orientation, then they are given a challenge that the group as a whole must overcome. Each activity is processed at the end to bring out valuable lessons learned during the interaction in the group.

Time Needed:
One to two hours depending on program choice and fee.

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Kayaking and Canoeing

This program is offered from the late spring too early fall. Ages for boating are 10 years old and up. If the lake is too rough, we can transport the boats into the local town of Croswell about 7 miles inland and paddle on a slow open river/pond. The kayaks we use are Old Town Loons and are special kayaks that are very stable for the beginning kayaker. We will do introductory lessons and we will go over boating safety to help ensure that no one tips. Everyone must wear a life
preserver and stay near the lifeguard.

Time Need: One to two
hours depending on program choice and fee.

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Our Great Lakes Session is a walk and talk on the Great Lakes. We take about 15 minutes for an orientation and then spend the rest of the hour looking for treasures along the shore. We cover
topics such as fossil identification, how sand is
formed, beach mechanics, lake formation, zebra mussel invasion, mining for iron ore in the sand, and much more.

Time Needed: one hour

Plastic bags for collecting provided.

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(a ramp to the beach)

Basketball Courts

Volleyball Nets

Large Recreational Field

Cookout/ Campfire Sites

Nature Trails

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Sweat-shirts, T-shirts and Hats, Film, Batteries, Flash lights, Post cards, Stamps, Note paper, Stuffed animals, Toys, Toiletries

Bring your Group to
Camp Cavell
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