Autumn Dinner & Quarter Auction

Please join us for dinner and you could win a gift basket
for just .25 cents!

Open to the Public

Sunday, November 3, 2019
at Camp Cavell
Please RSVP/Register so we have enough for everyone!

If you are not sure, but thinking about it, let us know too!

3 pm Dinner with Door Prize
4 pm Quarter Paddle Auction

What's a Quarter Auction? Click Here

Suggested Dinner Donation: $10 Adults and $5 Teens/Kids
      Includes: Dinner, a Paddle(adults only) & Door Prize Ticket.

Paddle (with no Dinner) cost $3.00
Extra Paddles cost $2.00

Please bring Quarters(1-3 Roll of Quarters). Available at camp too.

Cookie PreOrder: Can't live without Camp Cookies all Winter? Then buy a dozen or TWO during our cookie sale. This will get you through the Winter and help Camp Cavell too! Cookies can be tossed in your freezer for later!
Place an here. Pick up at camp the day of the event.  

$6 a dozen - Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin
& Peanut Butter(made with soy butter)

Help Camp: Donate an unused basket/item, gift cards and/or lottery tickets for the Quarter Paddle Auction to help raise funds for Camp Cavell. Check the box on the Registration Form-you would like to donate.


As always we will have our world famous Chocolate Chip Cookies waiting for you during the event!



We have cabins available! Click here...for more information.


Please RSVP/Register so we have enough for everyone!

If you are not sure, but thinking about it, let us know too!

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What's Quarter Paddle Auction?

A quarter auction is part raffle, part auction, part fundraiser party. It works a bit like bingo. When you arrive, you will be given a numbered paddle for a donation. This paddle will have a corresponding number which will be put into the drawing basket.
You can purchase a second paddle or more for a donation, if you wish.
Each time an item comes up for bid that you choose to take a chance and bid on, you will place the required number of your quarters for each paddle being played, in a container on your table then hold your paddle(s) in the air. Bid amounts vary according to the price of the product being auctioned:
Product Value Range with Quarter Bid Amount
$10-$24 = 1 Quarter
$25-$40 = 2 Quarters
$41-$60 = 3 Quarters
$61+ = 4 Quarters
When all bids are closed, and the quarters have been collected, a number will be drawn from the container of numbers and the person whose paddle number matches the one called is the winner. If you did not bid on this particular item (leaving your paddle face down on the table) AND your number is called, you simply yell out “NO BID”. Then another number can be drawn to get a winner. After a winner is confirmed, they will move on to the next item.
Extra paddles may also be purchased if you choose to have better odds at winning particular items. (ex. an item is a 1 quarter bid - you have 2 paddles and want 2 chances to win that item – you simply put two bids in your table’s container of .50 cents and then put BOTH paddles in the air.)

ALL you need now is LOTS of Quarters to have LOTS of FUN!!!!

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