Outdoor Adventures
4th-12th grade
tree climbers

This speciality program has three different activities to try. First try our exciting Technical Tree Climbing!
Head for the top of the trees using arborist (tree doctor) climbing equipment! Each day learn more about the techniques and skills needed.


Campers will climb a tree, starting with the easiest and advancing to more challenging ones. Try swinging in the trees and take the Tree to Tree Challenge. You can even eat lunch up there!

Also, campers get to take the ultimate tree climbing experience and spend the entire night in a hammock in the trees!
The campers are able to take their sleeping bags and pillows in the hammock with them. They keep the tree climbing equipment on while they sleep up in the tree.



Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn about this new sport and having a great time sky high!
Come and explore the
forest canopy with us!

Next you will also have the opportunity to backpack into an incredible spot in the forest, explore cliffs, follow streams and try wild edibles! r
r Also, during the week enjoy an afternoon exploring Lake Huron, explore a shipwreck in the water, and paddle up the shore!
Certified Instructors will help guide you through this experience. You will be responsible to adhere to safety procedures you will learn during your week.
Afternoon Activities:
• Swimming/Boating
• Arts & Crafts
• Horseback Riding
• Adventure Hikes
• Woodshop
• Nature Walks

• Archery & Sports
• Petting Farm
• Tree Climbing
• Fishing
• and More!

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Have lots of fun this summer, come to Camp Cavell!
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